Trainee Spray Lacquerer

Lamberts London are award winning, world-renowned specialists in decorative metal plating. The expertise of our accomplished team provides the ultimate finishing touch for manufacturers, completion centres and interior designers.

Established in 1969, Lamberts London has proudly remained a family-run business, establishing an outstanding reputation on the strengths of its vast experience, unsurpassed plating knowledge, exceptional workmanship and distinguished service. For over 50 years, Lamberts London has been a respected leader in specialist decorative metal plating; and, in 2011, undertook an investment in business expansion that saw it move all of its operations to a new purpose-built factory, which is reputedly, the largest and newest precious metal plating facility in the UK. The new premises is well equipped, well-ventilated and has the greatest variety of precious metal plating tanks in the UK and Europe.

Specialising in a plethora of luxury finishes in gold, silver, rhodium, chrome, nickel, copper, and antique plating for a variety of applications. Lamberts London is synonymous with luxury decorative metal plated coatings across a number of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, interior design, super yacht and sports, in addition to critical plated coatings for oil, gas and electrical applications. It also offers a range of other related services in house, providing a comprehensive solution for all of our customer requirements.

As a family-run business, staff are well looked after in all respects, with robust Health and Safety and Human Resources procedures in place. The company strives for continual improvement to ensure that it remains at the top of the decorative metal plating industry and invests a lot back in this pursuit. As well as structural investment, Lamberts London invests heavily in its employees, with all training provided by our highly experienced staff to ensure the flow of organisational knowledge throughout the business.

The Role

You will be working in a busy Spray department at this prestigious Aerospace company that has a reputation for high quality and superb finishes. As a Trainee Spray Lacquerer, you will learn this craft from a range of highly skilled professionals.

We will create a bespoke training plan to your skillset and needs and under the tutelage of our staff we will help you flourish in this specialist highly sought-after industry.

The Spray lacquer department includes a state of the art Junair Spray booth with water-curtain extraction. Annual biological monitoring, LEV testing and Occupational Health testing is conducted to ensure your safety. You will also be fully provided with all of the PPE that you require to perform your job safely, including battery powered air-fed respirator.

All work is carried out to EN9100 standard, which is an aerospace standard based on the ISO 9001 quality system requirements.

Reporting directly to the Production Supervisor, you will be working on parts for luxury first class suites of airlines, Prestige automotive brands and super yachts, among other interesting, high-quality parts. You will be working independently and as part of a team to ensure that deadlines are met, and the work is completed to the best standard possible.

You will prepare pieces for cleaning, degreasing and lacquering. You will clean components before carefully fastening pieces ready for spray. You will also prepare the spray equipment and mix lacquers ready for use in lacquering. You will learn the art of spray lacquering from our experienced Spray Lacquer technicians. You will inspect your work before, during and after lacquering to ensure conformity, before passing this on to dedicated quality inspectors.

Once sprayed, you will put parts into the internal oven for baking and curing the lacquer. Once complete you will carefully unfasten work and pack into trays to take through to the inspection department.




Established Over 50 Years Ago, Lamberts London Is A Respected World-Renowned Leader In Decorative Metal Plating Providing A Luxury Finish.

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