Deionised Water

Lamberts London recommends using deionised water when cleaning your parts and in conjunction with our other aftercare maintenance products for optimal results.

The purification of deionised water removes traces of salt and calcium. When used to clean parts, this ensures that stain marks are not left behind upon drying, ensuring a pristine finish for longer.


Instructions for use:
Remove cap from bottle. Two sprays of deionised water should be sufficient to moisten cloth for optimum cleaning. Use further deionised water if required. Once finished, replace cap back onto bottle.

£3.59 inc. VAT


Polished - A smooth, mirror- like, opulent finish that reflects light.
Satin - A contemporary hand-brushed (grained) finish.
Matt - A frosted, subdued, textured effect.

If you require a variation of one of our finishes, Lamberts London are able to make alterations to suit your ideal colour. Lamberts London also have the ability to custom match any finish or sample that you require. From either a sample, finished part or plating code number and description, Lamberts London can use its own processes to find the closest match to your desired finish.


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