Rouge Microsuede Cloth

This is a 100% cotton cloth, woven precisely for a density capable of holding heavy impregnation of cleaners and anti-tarnish agents. It is applicable for use with any metal but is especially effective for maintaining precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Rhodium. The main cleaning ingredient is jewellers rouge (iron oxide).

As the cloth is used, the polishing and cleaning agents are transferred to the item being wiped, leaving behind a black residue on the cloth. A smooth finish is left behind on the article as the cloth wipes away the polishing agents.

It is recommended that gloves are worn when using the cloth. It is always best practice to first use the cloth on an inconspicuous area, to ensure that there is no effect to the plated layer. For best results, use on parts before they have been fitted. If using on components that have already been fitted, it is advisable to protect the surrounding areas to prevent them from any potential staining.

The Rouge Microsuede cloth is not machine washable. Once the cloth has accumulated black on both sides, the cloth should be replaced. When not in use, the cloth should be stored in its original bag to protect it.

The product is fully recyclable. The carboard carton and plastic bag can be placed into normal recycling bins. The cloth itself can be recycled in textile bins at waste recycling centres.

30cm x 45cm / 12" x 18"

Instructions for use:
Moisten one section of your cloth, and wipe over surface to remove surface contaminants, then delicately polish using a dry section of the cloth. Following the above steps frequently will ensure the surface remains in optimal condition.

£12.50£124.95 inc. VAT


Polished - A smooth, mirror- like, opulent finish that reflects light.
Satin - A contemporary hand-brushed (grained) finish.
Matt - A frosted, subdued, textured effect.

If you require a variation of one of our finishes, Lamberts London are able to make alterations to suit your ideal colour. Lamberts London also have the ability to custom match any finish or sample that you require. From either a sample, finished part or plating code number and description, Lamberts London can use its own processes to find the closest match to your desired finish.


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