Decoplate® Bright Silver

With a brilliant-white lustre, Decoplate® Bright Silver is a powerful hue like no other. A precious metal, its sophistication, as a colour of royalty, radiates elegance and craftmanship, with an allure of wealth and glamour. Eternal, as an emblem of grace throughout the ages, it also represents a futuristic dynamism. Its sleek and stylish appearance and high reflectivity, emanate high-tech modernity. Known widely for its uses in jewellery, it is a highly versatile finish.

As a cool, neutral shade, Silver is an ideal partner, illuminating and reflecting the intensity of the colours around it. Offering medicinal properties, it exudes an air of soothing calmness, and is highly complementary to pastel hues such as light blues and purples. It also creates exquisite contrasts with Jewel tones like emerald, sea greens or turquoises.


Please note; we do not retain stock of samples. All samples are bespoke to order and may take 20-25 Working Days to produce.

£60.50 inc. VAT

Product Details

Product: Vault Collection Plaque
Length: 103 mm
Width: 50 mm
Thickness: 5 mm

Material: Aluminium – 6082
Plated with: Silver


Polished - A smooth, mirror- like, opulent finish that reflects light.
Satin - A contemporary hand-brushed (grained) finish.
Matt - A frosted, subdued, textured effect.

If you require a variation of one of our finishes, Lamberts London are able to make alterations to suit your ideal colour. Lamberts London also have the ability to custom match any finish or sample that you require. From either a sample, finished part or plating code number and description, Lamberts London can use its own processes to find the closest match to your desired finish.


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